From hybrid to EV

Project "GreenWay

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Information about cross border merger

Information about cross border merger MyENERGY s.r.o. Poznámky ...

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3rd_Annual Renewable Energy Finance & Infrastructure Summit in Vienna

Vienna, 22th – 23th of february 2012. Come and meet ...

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Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Forum 2012

You can learn about our project on Hybrid & Electric ...

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MyEnergy and electromobility

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Electromobility is a one of key components of the new energy system

Electromobility has its essential place in the new energy system as a stabilizing element embedded into smart grids. Just imagine that Your electric vehicle placed on a company parking lot during all-day parking can intelligently increase the speed of charging at the time when there is excess of energy in the electrical grid and electricity is therefore cheaper; or may choose to supply electricity to the grid to cover the short-term shortage of energy in the electric grid. In fact, Your electric car will be able to help stabilize the electric system, intelligently adjusts charging speed according to current grid status and current electricity price level. Moreover, it can supply the most expensive peak energy into the grid when there is demand from a smart grid for limited periods of time.

The environmental impact is of special importance whereas electromobility saves emissions in two ways. A unique feature of electric vehicles is their ultimate energy efficiency. The electric motor is almost 100% efficient in the use of energy stored in batteries and its transformation into kinetic energy; moreover an electric car is able to recuperate a significant portion of kinetic energy back to car's batteries while braking. Secondly, there is a unique feature of an electric vehicle that it can run on energy derived from renewable resources completely. We can get a completely sustainable and environmentally friendly way transport as soon as we can ensure operation of electric cars by energy originating from renewables.

In MyEnergy, we make efforts to develop new business and management models for transport which go hand in hand with the use of electric vehicles. We strive to ensure that all stakeholders benefit from our projects and these are attractive investments as well. This is also the way of our GreenWay project that introduces electromobility into a daily life.