Facility management of PV power plant 

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Information about cross border merger

Information about cross border merger MyENERGY s.r.o. Poznámky ...

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3rd_Annual Renewable Energy Finance & Infrastructure Summit in Vienna

Vienna, 22th – 23th of february 2012. Come and meet ...

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Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Forum 2012

You can learn about our project on Hybrid & Electric ...

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MyEnergy history

Formation of MyEnergy began in 2007 when the Czech Republic introduced into practice an originally German support scheme for renewables, feed in tariff. The support scheme set a transparent environment with equal rules for everyone and it has been a first ever opportunity for economically reasonable entrepreneurship in field of solar energy in region of central Europe. Our entry into the solar industry has been inspired by combination of philosophical and ecological values ​​and achievable reasonable economy of solar projects, and fact that the two were closely connected.

Our team was able to prepare and complete our first solar power plant at a time when only few possessed knowledge how would solar technology behave in real life. To invest money in the industry required a dose of courage at the time and solar industry by far did not attract wide attention of investors. We were among the first in our region to confirm the economical viability of solar power plants connected under feed in tariff.

The company's experience goes back before the incorporation of MyENERGY company into commercial register, since several MyEnergy representatives has worked on the preparation of our first solar power plant from 2007. Incorporation into the commercial register took place by May 2009. We have set a vision to become a recognized developer of solar power plants in Slovakia and gradually in Central Europe region.

References of MyEnergy could be found in 7 locations through the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have prepared, financed and introduced into operating 12 power plants with cumulated installed power of 15.3 MWp. By August 2010, we have become one of the three founding members of the Photovoltaic Industry Association SAPI (Slovak association for the photovoltaic industry).

With displeasure, we have been watching imprecise adjustments of both feed in prices and non-financial support mechanisms for solar energy during last few years. These have stimulated disproportionate, too sharp growth of solar installations at cost of quality and professionalism in the industry. The solar industry has become a target of the criticism and the situation led to the early termination of support schemes. One could have seen this scenario in Spain, neighboring Czech Republic, and even Slovakia the feed in tariff has profaned, whereas now only few associate support schemes for photovoltaics with their original aim: to promote rise of high tech industry in Slovakia, creation of new jobs and reduction of electricity price in long-term. Despite these few disappointing examples, idea of supporting solar via feed in tariff, creating a transparent, secure and stimulating business environment, still remains a good idea and can turned out to be very effective, as has been proved by plenty of countries that have better managed the feed in tariffs: Germany, France, Belgium and others.

We have understood that renewable energy sources are one of key components of a future energy system. Since the turbulent events in solar industry in our country, we have been intensively searching for an interesting field to diversify our activities and apply our well built team. We considered the applicability of our key competencies and experience as well as match of our company values to be the most important criteria. We have also redefined our business vision. Renewable energy sources have been integrated into a wider perspective of new energy system, and we have chosen electromobility for subject efforts for upcoming years.

In August 2011, we announced our new project to be carried out in cooperation with several important partners of MyEnergy. This project, which is unique in its way how to look on an electric car buying, is one of a kind in Central Europe. We aim to start a commercial operation of light duty electric trucks in early 2013. These will operate within a newly built network of charging and swapping stations. Future clients will be able to use our fleet, including charging infrastructure, at a price based on kilometers driven.

Currently, the internal MyEnergy team consists of 11 members (3x management, 4x project management and 4x team support in fields of electrical engineering, law, accounting and back office support).