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Information about cross border merger

Information about cross border merger MyENERGY s.r.o. Poznámky ...

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3rd_Annual Renewable Energy Finance & Infrastructure Summit in Vienna

Vienna, 22th – 23th of february 2012. Come and meet ...

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Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Forum 2012

You can learn about our project on Hybrid & Electric ...

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Regular monitoring systems are not able to detect small decrease of the performance - up to 5%? 
This decrease of the performance represents about 20.000 € per year for 1MWp power plant (PP). Comparing some of the PPs in the same area/neighbourhood we record even small fluctuation in performance.

Shading of even a small part of module may cause the underperformance of whole string?
Grass cutting, snow removing and regular control could minimize this risk.

When PP is shut down for a whole day you may lose 0,5% of your annual production?
We need only 60 minutes to get to the place. Could you make it faster?

Dusty modules produce up to 7% less output?
By cleaning of panels at the right time we increase your profit.

Removing the snow ccan hurt your back :) ?
We´ll do it for you!

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