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Information about cross border merger

Information about cross border merger MyENERGY s.r.o. Poznámky ...

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3rd_Annual Renewable Energy Finance & Infrastructure Summit in Vienna

Vienna, 22th – 23th of february 2012. Come and meet ...

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Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Forum 2012

You can learn about our project on Hybrid & Electric ...

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MyEnergy and renewable energies

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The conversion to the renewable energies is not only required, it also is absolutely possible

Renewable energy sources are the cornerstone of the new energy system which in some countries already nowadays initiates the desirable development of smart grids and electricity storage systems.

Renewable energy sources protect air quality, reduce dependency on energy imports from abroad and create new jobs. These energy sources are inexhaustible and they represent a way for healthy future climate even at the prospect of depletion of fossil fuels. The conversion to the renewable energies could be achieved through a correct mix of various renewable energy sources and storage technologies only.

In MyEnergy, we use unlimited power of the sun and combine it with technological advances and the responsible way thinking and action. We have introduced into operation 12 solar power plants through the Czech and Slovak republic, which produce electricity environmentally friendly with no emissions, no noise. We offer a professional asset management to owners of the solar power plants.

We believe that solar photovoltaics as the cheapest source of electricity will play a major role in the future breakthrough of renewables. The aim of industry is to reduce the generation costs of solar energy under the current electricity prices for households. We see a very interesting potential for the solar electricity especially after reaching a situation, where solar energy is cheaper than the one from conventional sources.