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Project "GreenWay

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Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Forum 2012

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Project GreenWay

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The main problem in electromobility development is especially absence of the charging infrastructure. That's why is necessary to solve the dilemma, what for electromobility development to do as first - whether to start with development of expensive infrastructure, or to produce and to innovate EV's for absenced infrastructure and actually how get out from this bewitched circle. We believe the system is the solution. Our GreenWay project integrates both charging stations and electric vehicles at a time.

GreenWay project is defined by its major goal to build up and prove an attractive and viable business model. Currently available state of art technology will be used. GreenWay will become an operator possessing an integrated system, which will include EV fleet, network of charging points, energy supply and IT infrastructure. By unconventional and novel business concept, the operator will take the risk and limitations of EV´s usage out of the client and keep it within our system.




Time frame

Developing of the EVs system is expected within the time frame of 2 years. The first commercial fleet of electric cars should be able to use the system in the beginning of 2013.

Who is our client?

Each company, which:

needs to distribute goods and/or services,

  • uses fleet of light duty vehicles <3,5 t,
  • has repeating distribution routes,
  • vehicle drives approx. 250 – 300 km per day,
  • is open to new technologies and trends and is inspired by using EVs in the transport,
  • is interested in the quality of the environment.

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